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Parish Secretary:  leclaireolor@diodav.org

Parish Donation

Parish donations are used for the day to day operation of Our Lady Of The River. You may make a one time donation or set-up a recurring donation.

Memorial Donation

To make a one-time donation as a memorial or a gift, you may donate here or send a check by mail to Our Lady Of The River, P.O. Box 32, LeClaire, IA 52753. 

The Catholic Messenger

The Catholic Messenger is the official newspaper for the Diocese of Davenport.  You can pay your Catholic Messenger subscription through Our Lady Of The River using the Pay Subscription button below, or you can pay directly through The Catholic Messenger on their website.

Religious Education

Pay your Religious Education Tuition.

Annual Diocesan Appeal

The Annual Diocesan Appeal is used to support the ministries and programs of the Diocese, including the operation of the Chancery, Catholic Charities, Social Action, Evangelization, Faith Formation, Ministry Formation and Clergy support.

Diocesan Collections

Diocesan Collections are to support those in need. These collections include opportunities to donate to the Campaign for Human Development, Rice Bowl, Catholic Relief, Catholic Communications, Works of Charity, Catholic University, Eastern European Churches, DCCW, Holy Land, Peter’s Pence, Propagation of Faith, Retired Religious