28200 226th Street Pl, LeClaire, IA 52753
(563) 289-5736
Parish Secretary:  leclaireolor@diodav.org

Parish Organizations

Altar and Rosary Society – All women of the parish are welcome as members of the Altar and Rosary Society.  In addition to supporting various projects that support the ministry of Our Lady Of the River, the Altar and Rosary Society provides meals after a parish funeral, supports numerous parish ministry activities and provides a scholarship to a graduating high school senior. Contact Teresa Anderson at jite2@mchsi.com.

Altar Servers – Students in grades 4-12 will assist the priest in serving at weekend Mass and also during special liturgies. Contact Deacon Matt Levy at deaconlevy@gmail.com

Church Environment – Help to decorate the church environment for the various liturgical seasons. Contact: Pam Hughes at expressinthread@gmail.com

Eucharistic Minister – Distributes the Body and Blood of Christ to fellow worshippers during the communion rite, and may also take communion to the home bound.   For more information contact Deacon Matt Levy at deaconlevy@gmail.com or Fr. Apo at mpandaa@diodav.org

Health Cabinet – The purpose of the Health Cabinet is to nourish, sustain, and support the health of the people of our parish and its community. Contact: Jennifer Hildebrand at kjhildebrand@windstream.net 

Lectors – Participate in the liturgy by reading the weekly announcements and proclaiming the selected liturgical readings. Contact Michelle Marht at leclaireolor@diodav.org

Liturgy Commission– Assists the pastor in preparing for various liturgies throughout the year. Contact Barb Arland Fye barbarland85@gmail.com

Men Of The River – All men of the parish are welcome as members. The focus of this group is to volunteer their time to assist in a variety of needs of the parish. Contact: Joe Kless at 563-343-1354 or joekleiss@gmail.com

Music Ministry – Students and adults with vocal or instrumental talents are invited to join in music ministry.  Contact: Ladonna Czachowski   lmczach@gmail.com

Prayer Chain – Our email prayer chain reaches out to members to pray for those who reach out with a need.  If would like to be added as a member or the prayer chain or have a request to be placed on the prayer chain, please contact Teresa Anderson at jite2@mchsi.com

Prayer Shawls – Pprayer shawls and quilts are available for those in need. Recipients do not need to be a member of Our Lady Of The River. To request a prayer shawl or create them, please contact Madelyn Phares  madelyn.phares@gmail.com or Jennifer Hildebrand at kjhildebrand@windstream.net